Unifying Security,
Innovating Vision

Comprehensive security platform featuring integrated security systems, video management, and advanced AI Vision analytics to enhance protection in various industries.

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Mohd Ridza

Commanding Officer, Ministry of Defence, Malaysia

Alspace Platform secures all our logistic centre surroundings with modern ISMS platform that's fast and easy to use.

Integrated Security Management System

ALSPACE Integrated Security Management System enables efficient monitoring of perimeter and other physical security hardware. Operators can monitor overall status of the site and are immediately notified of any breach of security or other changes to the physical environment that warrant attention.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to video technology. Every operation is different, with needs constantly evolving.
  • Unified View Dashboard
  • Video Management
  • Access Control Management
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Visitor Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Patrol Management
  • Fire Alarm Management
User Friendly
Modular Design
Command And Control Centre
Centralised Operation
IP CCTV Integration
3D Graphical User Interface
Tactical Networks Integration
High Availability And Disaster Recovery

Video Management System

Getting our solution installed and integrated into your CCTV will allow you to record and view multiple cameras feeds, easy camera management, and complete access to the different recording settings

Alspace video management system offer strong surveillance system for your business
  • Scalable & High Performance Architecture
  • Open Ecosystem
  • Easy To Use Operator Interfaces
  • Browser-Based Administrator Client
  • Privacy And Security

AI Vision Analytics

our software takes the lead in sorting out contents and is designed to support several features including real-time face recognition, motion control, crowd management, automated license late recognition, people counting and heatmap

ALPSACE video analytics solutions are designed to filter valuable information from the video recording​
  • Face Recognition
  • People And Vehicle Tracking
  • Left And Removed Item Detection
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Crowd Detection And Monitoring
  • Potholes Detection
  • PPE Violation & Hazard Identification
  • Smoke & Fire Detection
  • Livestock Counting Monitoring
High Accuracy
Seamless Integration
Lower Total Cost Of Ownership
Business Intelligence

Trusted Solutions Across Southeast Asia

Explore our customer stories to see how our solutions help across a wide range of industries and services, fulfilling needs and ensuring success every day.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Tenaga Nasional Berhad ensures the reliable supply of electricity to millions of customers. Alspace proudly collaborates with Tenaga Nasional Berhad, providing essential support in protecting their infrastructure. We help secure multiple sites and enhance the overall security of Tenaga Nasional Berhad's power facilities. Our solutions enable efficient monitoring, threat detection, and intelligent video analytics, ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted provision of electricity to the nation.

Ministry of Defense, Malaysia

The Ministry of Defense Logistics Centre holds a prominent position within the defense sector, boasting a comprehensive presence in the Asia Pacific region. Alspace proudly collaborates with the Ministry of Defense Logistics Centre, offering robust protection and security solutions through our advanced ISMS and cutting-edge VMS. These systems enable efficient monitoring, safeguarding critical sites, and providing intelligent video analytics for enhanced defense logistics operations.

B. Braun

B. Braun's robust foothold in the Asia Pacific region is evident with a workforce of over 16,000 employees, 10 production sites, and 16 business offices strategically located in key markets across Asia Pacific. Alspace plays a vital role in supporting B. Braun by safeguarding multiple sites through our Information Security Management System and enhancing security measures through our Video Management System, which incorporates intelligent video capabilities.

Technology Partners

state-of-the-art products. Integrated seamlessly with Alspace platforms.

Unifying Security, Innovating Vision

Comprehensive security platform featuring integrated security systems, video management, and advanced analytics to enhance protection in various industries