AI Vision Analytics

our software takes the lead in sorting out contents and is designed to support several features including real-time face recognition, motion control, crowd management, automated license late recognition, people counting and heatmap

ALPSACE video analytics solutions are designed to filter valuable information from the video recording​
  • Face Recognition
  • People And Vehicle Tracking
  • Left And Removed Item Detection
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Crowd Detection And Monitoring
  • Potholes Detection
  • PPE Violation & Hazard Identification
  • Smoke & Fire Detection
  • Livestock Counting Monitoring
High Accuracy
Seamless Integration
Lower Total Cost Of Ownership
Business Intelligence
Face Recognition

Equipped with deep learning that detects faces in real time on a footage, matches them with stored databases. Other features may include age , gender and emotion detection, and sentence-level lipreading.

People & Vehicle Tracking

Monitors and detects the movements of people and vehicle in outdoor environments. Generally used for perimeter intrusion detection, parking lot monitoring, public safety, and wrong-way detection.

Left &
Remove Item Detection

Robust monitoring and detection of changes in the monitored zone in the camera view, when items are abandoned and removed. Automatically triggers the alarm on any anomalies.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Automatically readslicense plate information from vehicles, linking it to live and recorded video and enables security personnel to search and quickly find specific captured license plate video for verification and investigation.

Crowd Detection And Monitoring

Estimates the number of people within a given area in real time and triggers an alarm when a specified number of people (capacity) or a specified percentage of people (occupancy) is reached.

Potholes Detection

Enhances maintenanceby rapidly, accurately and cost effectively detect damages to road especially in high-traffic high-priority roads and highways.

PPE Violation & Hazard Identification

Scans through CCTV footage in real time and recordings for any PP violation and hazards, and immediately alert for any safety protocol breach.

Smoke & Fire Detection

Detects smoke and flame at its source and able to integrate with a fire alarm or a fire extinguishing system to ensure prompt respond and react to the smoke or fire incident intime.

Livestock Counting Monitoring

Collaborates with IoT or other video feeds e.g. drones and simplify and automated the process of counting and monitoring a large population of livestocks

Unifying Security, Innovating Vision

Comprehensive security platform featuring integrated security systems, video management, and advanced analytics to enhance protection in various industries