Video Management System

Alspace VMS offers customised video management system, which is an essential part of all kinds of security systems. Getting our solution installed and integrated into your CCTV will allow you to record and view multiple cameras feeds, easy camera management, and complete access to the different recording settings.

Scalable &
High-Performance Architecture
Alspace VMS uses a high-performance architecture that simplifies deployment planning, protects initial investment, and is easily scalable :
  • Optimized for all video management functions (video, storage, management, and analytics), Alspace VMS does not require dedicated servers for specific functions.
  • Maximize uptime with built-in server redundancy and automatic failover. Alspace VMS supports PostgreSQL databases, eliminating the need for costly and complex Windows® Clustering.
  • Support additional cameras by adding server resources – no reconfiguration or licensing schema changes required.
Open Ecosystem
Alspace VMS installs on off-the-shelf hardware

It supports thousands of network devices as well as industry standards, including ONVIF profiles S and T. Out-of-box integrations with Alspace ISMS, intrusion, and
access control products improve operator efficiency by delivering a seamless view of events. A RESTful API prevents vendor lock-in while the Alspace VMS ONVIF server (Profiles S and T) enables it to stream video and ONVIF alerts to third-party video systems.

Easy To Use Operator Interfaces
Alspace VMS includes several options for viewing video:
  • Windows® Client – A full-featured, intuitive video and alarm management client. Controls are displayed based on device capability and user permissions, including PTZ controls, access control, intrusion sensors, two-way audio, and general I/O.
  • Web Interface – An HTML5-compliant web interface replicates key VMS functionality, including video playback, camera control, event timeline, and reports.
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) – Support live video and playback, video analytics, PTZ control, and alarm management. Each app can connect to multiple servers, enabling a user to remotely monitor several deployments.
  • Video wall – Included with an enterprise license, enables a highly customizable layout driven by video analytic rules, manual configuration, and camera drag-and-drop.
Browser-Based Administrator Client
Administration is handled via a browser-based client

Eliminating the need to install and maintain a separate Windows® management application. The client can be accessed anywhere on the network. Reusable templates and rules speed up the configuration of large deployments.

Privacy And Security
Alspace VMS was designed from the outset with data privacy and security in mind

Fine-tuned user permissions, along with intelligent people and vehicle masking, assists Alspace VMS operators to meet data privacy regulations. All client-server communications are encrypted using industry best-practices.

Unifying Security, Innovating Vision

Comprehensive security platform featuring integrated security systems, video management, and advanced analytics to enhance protection in various industries